Sunday, January 20, 2008

2007 Eymann Classic Riesling

Country: Germany
Region: Phalz
Alcohol: 12%
Price: €7.95

Riesling is, in my opinion, the one single white grape that can lay claims to nobility along the same lines that Cabernet does for the red varieties. Riesling has suffered enormously because it is associated with sweet and semi sweet wines of low quality that have been produced in Germany in past years. However, this perception could be nothing further from the truth; when handled correctly this grape can produce phenomenal wines with good potential cellaring.

This riesling, produced by Weingut Eymann, is classified as a classic riesling. The classic category, introduced in 2000, means that this wine has no more than 15 grams of residual sugar per litre of wine. Here is my tasting note:

Clear and very pale yellow in colour. The nose is quite sharp and floral with lots of citrus fruits. Good mouthfeel; crisp and fresh with plenty of citrus fruit and sour apple. Well balanced with plenty of sweet fruit to counter the high acids. Nice length on a rather tart finish. A well made Riesling at an affordable price.

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