Friday, May 04, 2007

2005 Chateau Roc de Cazade

This was a wine that I picked up at my local Gall & Gall store. Mainly chosen because it was a 2005 Bordeaux; I am trying to taste as much as of this vintage as possible.

Colour: deep red, purple in colour. nice looking wine.

Nose: i love this nose. elegant and full of red fruit. more cherry-like than cassis. my nose is slightly blocked up today so i may be way off here!

Palate: spicey red fruits followed up by solid tannins. my first impression is that the tannins are little dominant which is a pity. I guess at this price who can complain.

Finish: slightly bitter; the tannins hang around for a bit too.

Conclusion: All-in-all not a bad budget-priced red wine. I just prefer a bit more fruit than this wine offers.