Saturday, August 11, 2007

Gala Solene 10 Years Old Tawny Porto

I purchased this 10 year old tawny in the local Aldi supermarket for around 6 euros. I can't find any further information about the producer of this port. To be honest I don't have that much hope for it really, but I guess I can always be suprised. Here is what I thought of it:
Colour: Nice and clear; orange-brown in colour.
Nose: Dried, stewed fruit with some hints of oak.
Palate: Sweet but well balance, with plenty of dried fruit.
Finish: Lengthy finish, albeit a little stringent.
Comments: Lacks the complexity of a high-end port and a little astringent. However, a decent port for the price paid.

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Michel said...

Thanks for your taste impressions. I just read about this port in some Aldi magazine, and wanted to find info online like you did. Your blog turns out to be the only info abou this cheap port. BUt at least I can conclude it is worth buying and trying myself.